Kickstart to Recovery

Kickstart to Recovery


The kickstart to recovery programme is a multi-agency partnership ran by the FAI and the HSE. The aim of the programme is to provide mental health service users with an opportunity to engage in a therapeutic, activity focused and community based group.

The kickstart to recovery is ran throughout mental health services across Ireland. At present there is over 20 programmes in existence. The group is co-facilitated by FAI coaches and HSE occupational therapists. The group is carried out in a local setting to ensure the groups roots are based within the community.

Sessions are usually carried out in 8 week blocks with service users availing of one to one meetings with the Occupational Therapist to set their own personal goals for the group. For a lot of group members this can be trying to work on enhancing their physical activity, developing social networks, having fun or re-engaging in the sport of football. Group sizes range from 8-15 group members.

Sessions usually run for an hour once a week and involve a warm up, drills, skills, friendly match and cool down. Regular breaks and opportunities to chat to group members are given throughout the group session.

Following eight week block ran by the FAI and HSE participants are given the opportunity to review their goals and provide any feedback to FAI and HSE occupational therapists. Outcome reports have demonstrated the huge benefits the programme has given participants. The most significant is increases in physical fitness, self-esteem and confidence, increased social skills, increased motivation, mood and reduction in levels of anxiety.

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