Street Leagues Ireland

Street Leagues Ireland

Street Leagues was set up officially as an independent entity in 2005.

Its origins go back to 2003 when Sean Kavanagh, manager of Ireland's Issues Magazine brought a team of homeless lads to the inaugural Homeless World Cup in Austria. Seeing at first hand the benefits that could be accrued from participation in sport he decided that rather than build the lads up for a one-off tournament once a year it would be of greater benefit to have something that they could participate in all year round.

Together with Dublin City Council, a pilot project was set up in 2004 in the inner city. This proved very successful and as a result, in 2005 the league was expanded to cover the greater Dublin area and the league became affiliated to the Football Association of Ireland in its Football For All category. At present there are 13 leagues established across the country.

Our primary target groups are:

  • The homeless
  • Drug and alcohol dependant individuals in rehabilitation
  • Ex-offenders
  • Long-termed unemployed with identified learning disabilities
  • Refugee and asylum seekers
  • Hostels/Accommodation Centres


  • To build self-esteem, self-confidence and selfdiscipline.
  • To develop communication skills and to provide access to lifestyle opportunities in education, skills training and employment.
  • To imbue in people a sense of self-worth which is fundamental to moving on in life.

Street Leagues is the catalyst that helps achieve this.

International Opportunities

Every year Irish Street Leagues host a national finals day in Dublin where all teams involved in leagues across the country

are invited to compete and an Irish squad is selected from this tournament and sent to the Homeless World Cup.

For more information contact:

Kevin Leavy 087 919 4836

Sean Kavanagh 087 223 8108