National Learning Network & Rehabcare League

National Learning Network & Rehabcare League

The National Learning Network is the training and education division of the Rehab Group. Students are attending certified vocational or rehabilitative training courses in more than 50 centres around the country.

Most of the students are people with disabilities but other individuals or groups facing difficulty in entering the workforce are also starting to avail of its services. The courses aim to lead students into employment or further education.

RehabCare is the social care division of Rehab. It runs health and social care programmes which reach into communities across Ireland. These services range from resource centre activities to care work delivered in people's homes.

Both the National Learning Network and RehabCare promote healthy lifestyles, stress management and personal development which include the importance of regular exercise and participating in team activities.

The Football For All programme gives the participants and the staff the incentive to run weekly training sessions. These training sessions are led by staff members from each centre and build up the fitness and skills to compete with the other teams on league days.

The league is a recent development for the National Learning Network and RehabCare that has been of great benefit to the participants. At present there are five regional leagues across the country in Munster, South Leinster, Dublin, North Leinster and Connaught.

Contact: Yvette Leahy
Roslyn Park College,Strand Rd., Dublin 4
Telephone: 01 2613411

Contact: Aoife Flynn
National Learning Network
Phibsboro Tower, Dublin 7
Telephone: 01 8820030