Irish Blind Sports

Irish Blind Sports

Visually Impaired Football - B2/B3

Irish Blind Sports' mission is to enable blind and visually impaired people to participate fully in sports and recreation. Organised football takes place in Blanchardstown IT from 12pm - 3pm every Saturday. Coaching is provided by an approved FAI coach with a full back-up team. We are always looking for new players, so if you are interested, please contact:

IBS Football Manager

Contact: Robert Moore,

Telephone: 087 9118632


Blind Football - B1

Blind football has never existed in Ireland to date, however the FAI (through the Football For All programme) have trained 6 coaches to train blind players. The programme is very much in its infancy and we are looking for anyone who is blind and wants to play football to get involved and start to enjoy football. If you are blind or know of somebody who is and wants to play football please contact one of the people below:

Contact: Oisín Jordan
National Co-ordinator
Telephone: 086 6079223

Contact: Nick Harrison - Munster Development Officer
Telephone: 086 0472051