FAI works to raise awareness for homelessness


FAI works to raise awareness for homelessness

Match programme features special edition of The Big Issue
6th Oct 2017

The Football Association of Ireland has continued its work to raise awareness on homelessness by using the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Round game between Republic of Ireland and Moldova.

In the official match programme, four pages were reserved for a special edition of The Big Issue, which included a feature on Thomas Morgan, manager of the Homeless World Cup team, as well as pieces on the Late Nite Leagues and the Irish Street Leagues.

Match tickets were also given to members of the Homeless World Cup squads - men's and women's - who did brilliantly in the recent tournament in Oslo.

Also, in a link up with Dublin Simon Community, the FAI supplied a number of premium level tickets as well as kids goodie bags to families who have recently been displaced from their homes.

The FAI has a long-standing relationship with organisations working to tackle homelessness around the country with the Irish Street Leagues affiliated to the Football For All programme and several other projects undertaken by the Intercultural Department.

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