Deadline looming for SETU course application


Deadline looming for SETU course application

The Final Deadline of May 1st is fast approaching for applications to be submitted for the SETU Carlow Football Degree.
14th Apr 2023

The Football Association of Ireland and SETU are hosting the Sports Coaching and Business Management course & the Sports Management and Coaching course for anyone looking to start their career in football.

The courses, which are run in conjunction between the FAI and SETU, are perfect for anyone looking for a career in the football and sports industry in a variety of different areas.

The two courses, the three-year level 7 Sports Coaching and Business Management (Football) (SE931) and the four-year level 8 Sports Management and Coaching (Football) (SE909), covers a range of modules with a focus on player development, coach education, performance analysis, business and sports science.

The broad nature of the course has allowed graduates to gain employment in coaching, performance analysis, strength and conditioning, in the sport and fitness industry, as professional footballers and in a range of business-related roles.

Seventeen graduates are currently working full-time at the Football Association of Ireland in a variety of roles including MNT Performance Analyst, High Performance Coaches, Coach Education Tutors, Grassroots Development Officers, FAI ETB Course Co-ordinators, Grassroots Executives and Women’s Under-16 Manager.

A further bonus to the course is that students can work towards the UEFA B Coaching Qualification in the third year of the course, which has seen over sixty students gain this qualification in the past four years.

Current students on the course and graduates are coaching throughout the League of Ireland, including the under-age sections.

Early application deadline through the CAO is February 1; late applications are accepted through the CAO until May 1.

 62 SE909 BA Hons (Honours) in Sports Mgmt and Coaching (Football) Jan23 P03 (2).pdf

 61 SE931 BA Sport Coaching and Business Mgmt (Football) Jan23 P03 (1).pdf