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CP Soccer goes Global

An unprecedented event took place in the world of junior Cerebral Palsy football last month.
3rd Jun 2020

In the midst of a Global lockdown and as world struggles to manage its way through the Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide CP football family came together for the first-ever Global training session.

The brainchild of CP Soccer US, the “CP Soccer Goes Global” initiative saw players from 19 different countries logging in via Zoom to participate in a training session which involved drills and skills and fun challenges.

Five players from Ireland’s CP Football Development Academy participated in the event which was the first of its kind and an great example of the work which it being done to promote CP football and foster relationships between the various CP football programme around the world.

The event was an enormous success and demonstrates the ambition and commitment that exists to develop the sport at grassroots level and increase levels of participation in both developed and developing nations.

The Irish players who participated in the event were aged between 10 and 14 and were all part of a junior squad which was due to travel to New Jersey in July to take part in a Junior CP Football Tournament. As with many sporting events this summer, the tournament had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The five players were delighted to be involved in the “CP Soccer Goes Global” event after the disappointment of having their trip to the US cancelled.

The links between the Irish CP Football Junior Programme and CP Soccer US continues to go from strength-to-strength following on from the CP Soccer US’s trip to Ireland in March 2019 to participate in the first ever International Junior CP Football Festival which was held in Dublin.

After the huge success of the CP Soccer Goes Global, plans are already in place for a follow-up event.

For any information on CP football in Ireland, visit  www.cpfootballacademy.com – or email enquiries@cpfootballacademy.com