UEFA EURO 2024 Draw - All you need to know


UEFA EURO 2024 Draw - All you need to know

The Republic of Ireland are set to find out their opponents for the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying phase on Sunday, October 9.
6th Oct 2022

Ireland manager Stephen Kenny will be present at the draw which will take place at 11am on Sunday in Frankfurt as he finds out who Ireland will need to face in order to qualify for the finals tournament in 2024 in Germany.

Ahead of the draw, we've put together a quick FAQ to make sure you're fully up-to-date with all of the workings of the draw and prepare you for Sunday.

UEFA EURO 2024 Group Stage Draw - All you need to know

When is the EURO 2024 group stage draw?
The UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying draw takes place at 11am on Sunday, October 9 at Festhalle exhibition centre, Frankfurt.

Where can I watch it?
You can watch it live on the UEFA website here.

How does EURO 2024 qualifying work?
The qualifying draw takes place in Frankfurt on Sunday 9 October 2022. With Germany already qualified as hosts and Russia currently suspended, the 53 remaining teams will be split into ten groups: seven groups of five teams and three groups of six teams. The top two from each group will qualify for the final tournament.

Do the groups change or get adapted for any reason?
Yes. There are five country pairings which is prohibited: Armenia/Azerbaijan, Belarus/Ukraine, Gibraltar/Spain, Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo/Serbia. Also, a maximum of two winter venues may be drawn into the same group: Belarus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway. Finally, several country pairings have been declared to represent an excessive travel distance. A maximum of one such pair may be drawn into the same group.

Which teams contest the EURO 2024 play-offs?
Three of the 24 places at UEFA EURO 2024 will be determined by play-off spots via the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League, as per the regulations. Twelve teams will be selected based on their performance in the 2022/23 Nations League – nominally the group winners of Leagues A, B and C, but if they have already qualified they will be replaced by the next best-ranked team in their league. If there are not enough non-qualified teams in the same league, then it filters down to the next league, finishing with League D.

What are the seeding pots for the EURO 2024 draw?

UNL pot
Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Italy

Pot 1
Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland

Pot 2
France, Austria, Czechia, England, Wales, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Scotland, Finland

Pot 3
Ukraine, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Sweden, Armenia

Pot 4
Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia

Pot 5
Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belarus, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Malta 

Pot 6
Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein

Key dates

Qualifying match dates

23-25/03/2023 Matchday 1
26-28/03/2023 Matchday 2
16-17/06/2023 Matchday 3
19-20/06/2023 Matchday 4
07-09/09/2023 Matchday 5
10-12/09/2023 Matchday 6
12-14/10/2023 Matchday 7
15-17/10/2023 Matchday 8
16-18/11/2023 Matchday 9
19-21/11/2023 Matchday 10

Play-off match dates
21/03/2024 Play-off semi-finals
26/03/2024 Play-off finals

Final tournament dates
14/06/2024 UEFA EURO 2024 finals opener
14/07/2024 UEFA EURO 2024 final