Your club your vision

Your club your vision

Whether your club is in the early stages of planning a modest improvement project, such as renovating the dressing rooms, or embarking on a more ambitious endeavour like constructing a new clubhouse or installing floodlighting for existing pitches, the vision and ideas for the project belong to you. 

Your goal is to ensure the successful realization of these plans, resulting in facilities that both your club members and the broader community can take pride in.

Every club understands that all projects demand unwavering commitment and dedication to bring them to fruition. They are also aware that project funding often comes from hard-earned resources, including voluntary contributions from the local community, potential grants from public sources (such as the Department of Arts, Sport, and Tourism), or support from organizations like the FAI. Regardless of the funding source, it is imperative to ensure that resources are judiciously used and that you receive optimal value for your investment.

By adhering to a set of project management guidelines, your club can guarantee that, irrespective of the project's scale, you achieve a high-quality outcome that represents good value for the resources expended. This outcome should meet the club's needs and remain sustainable for the foreseeable future.

For more comprehensive information on managing your building project, we invite you to consult the guide.

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