Stadium infrastructure criteria

Stadium infrastructure criteria

Acting under its mandate to promote, foster and develop the game of football the Football Association of Ireland is committed to ensuring that the facilities at which our games are played, meet appropriate levels.

The purpose of this document is to ensure that;

  • Quality and appropriate facilities of consistent standards are provided for players, coaches and officials;
  • Football spectators are accommodated in a safe, comfortable and customer friendly environment;
  • Media and press representatives are able to perform their business in an appropriate and safe working environment.

These criteria govern the structural criteria to be fulfilled by a stadium in order to be classified as FAI Preliminary category, or FAI category 1, 2, or 3. The relevant competition regulations governing a competition will specify the category of stadium required for all matches in that competition.

The relevant competition regulations may specify conditions under which the competition regulators or licensing committee may grant an exception to a particular criterion or criteria.

These criteria apply for games which do not otherwise come within the scope of the UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations 2010.

The criteria can also be used to provide guidelines for clubs who are interested in developing their facilities to a particular quality standard or who aim to play at a higher level.

The FAI will aim to support, advise and assist clubs in achieving these criteria, and in developing facilities on a long-term basis.

For further information or to seek assistance with the criteria or developments at your ground, please contact [email protected].

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