Goal post safety

Goal post safety

Goalposts: In recent years, there have been serious injuries and even fatalities resulting from the improper use of goalposts.

Anyone looking to purchase goalposts should ensure they meet the standards set forth in I.S. 357:2007, a standard developed by the National Standards Authority of Ireland in collaboration with the Football Association of Ireland.The FAI has produced a leaflet that outlines safety guidelines for the use of goalposts. It reinforces four essential rules to prioritise safety above all else.

1. Check it

Ensure that goalposts are in excellent condition and have been constructed properly. Homemade goalposts should be avoided, as they lack built-in safety features and can pose significant risks, especially for younger players.

2. Secure it

Regardless of their size, goalposts must be securely anchored according to the manufacturer's instructions. Portable goalposts should be properly pinned or weighted down to prevent tipping over. When not in use, portable goalposts should be taken off the pitch and stored securely.

3. Test it

Prior to use, adults should test the goalposts to confirm their stability. If there are any doubts about the safety of the goalposts, it is advisable to have them professionally inspected and tested.

4. Respect it

Show respect for your equipment. Goalposts are not designed for acrobatics or gymnastic displays, so refrain from swinging on the crossbar.


The FAI has recently appointed Goalpost Ireland as the official supplier of goalposts for football in Ireland. For more information, please visit their website at www.goalpostireland.com.

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