Artificial pitches

Artificial pitches

Artificial pitches offer numerous benefits and have a number of key advantages that your club and community can benefit from.


Artificial pitches provide a consistent playing surface regardless of weather conditions. They are not affected by rain, snow, or extreme heat, ensuring that athletes can practice and compete year-round without disruptions due to adverse weather.


Artificial pitches are designed to withstand heavy use and can endure the rigors of continuous play. They are resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Low Maintenance

Compared to natural grass, artificial pitches require significantly less maintenance. They do not need mowing, fertilizing, or irrigation, saving both time and money. Regular brushing and occasional grooming are usually sufficient to keep the surface in good condition.


Artificial pitches can be customized to meet specific sport or activity requirements. They can be installed with different types of infill to achieve the desired playing characteristics, such as cushioning, ball bounce, and traction.

Enhanced Safety

Many artificial pitches incorporate shock-absorbing padding beneath the turf, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. The consistent surface also helps prevent uneven terrain that can lead to tripping or twisting.
Accessibility: Artificial pitches are accessible year-round, promoting increased participation in sports and physical activities. They are especially beneficial in regions with harsh climates that limit outdoor play.


While the initial installation cost may be higher than natural grass, the long-term savings on maintenance, water usage, and resurfacing make artificial pitches a cost-effective choice over time.
Increased Playing Time: With natural grass fields, heavy use can lead to deterioration and the need for rest and recovery. Artificial pitches allow for continuous use without compromising the surface quality.
Always ensure that your artificial pitch is certified and safe for use. To ensure the surface is safe to use it must be tested and FIFA accredited.

This certification must be certified by an independent test institute. Click the link below to find an approved listing of FIFA test institutes.

Your chosen test institute must ensure your full sized pitch is tested to the FIFA Quality standards for best practices. i.e. FIFA QUALITY certification.

Fifa approved list of test institutions for pitch testing:

Once a passed test is achieved, please notify your relevant League and the FAI Facilities Department. Your League should have a database of all playable artificial turf pitches.

Your certification will be logged on the official fifa website for all certified pitches (full sizes): (please select Republic of Ireland from the country drop-down box). Should you require any further support. Please email [email protected]

Guidelines for planning and installing artificial turf pitches

Please find below a guideline document highlighting the process of an artificial turf pitch. For further support please contact [email protected]

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