Player Development Plan Coach / Parent Workshop

Player Development Plan Coach / Parent Workshop

Course Name:

Coach / Parent Player Development Workshop


Available to leagues - targeting ALL their clubs’ ‘Directors of Football (or Directors of Coaching)’ + ‘Child Welfare Officers’

Available to larger clubs for ALL coaches + Child Welfare Officer (should also invite local clubs’ coaches + ‘CWO’)

Target Group:

Ideally, every club coach will replicate workshop with his or her team’s parents / guardians.


1 hour

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • The ‘why’ rationale for Player Development Plan changes
  • The ‘player centred’ approach and how it is of benefits to ALL players.
  • Player development and civic development – coaches and parents are role models.
  • The establishment of ‘good practice’ behavioural models pertinent to players / coaches / parents.
  • The provision of example resources e.g. ‘codes of conduct’ documents, which pre-season should be debated, formulated and signed off on for players / coaches / parents.
  • Pre-season organisation of various roles and responsibilities for parents, alleviating burden on coaches. Possible roles might include; putting up posts and nets / maintaining positive parental behaviour on side lines etc.,
  • Don’t X the line – FAI respect campaign
  • Respect by players / coaches / parents to match officials
  • Respect by players / coaches / parents to opposition.

Course Outline:

  • Video and audio clips showing poor behaviour examples and realities.
  • Group discussion regarding team’s ‘good practice’ going forward.
  • ‘Code of Conduct’ document development.
  • What are steps if ‘Code of Conduct’ is violated?
  • Possible roles needed to be manned by parents; matchday / training sessions.
  • Steps to facilitate ‘Don’t X the Line’ / how to make sure agreed behavioural standards are maintained on side lines.