The Cool Kids Guide to Euro 2016

The Cool Kids Guide to Euro 2016


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Hello and welcome to the FAI ‘Cool Kids Guide to Euro 2016’. 24 teams from across Europe will compete in France this June to be crowned UEFA European Champions and we are encouraging children across Ireland to learn more about the countries taking part.

We have developed this booklet as a fun way of learning through football, read some interesting facts about the culture, georgraphy and history of each nation participating in Euro 2016, as well as the key football information for each team before the real action gets underway in France.

We have included a lesson on French geography and a basic introduction to the French language through words we associate with football. After you have studied each country we have some fun games that can be completed such as: a crossword, a word search, a quiz, and drawing and creative writing exercises. There is also a fun wall chart to help you keep up to date with the fixtures and tables

Have fun and enjoy learning through football!

Yours in sport,
Mark Scanlon
FAI National Co-ordinator for Schools and Third Level Football
Phone: 086-7954353


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