Yvonne Tracy Blog - Day 2

Yvonne Tracy Blog - Day 2

Yvonne Tracy Blog - Day 2 ...
18th Sep 2009


Day 2 - Friday, September, 18th 2009

Today was a very important day for our pre-match preparation for tomorrow's World Cup qualifier against Switzerland in Wohlen. In the morning we had a blow-out session in a local club and we went through some set-pieces and a light session where we concentrated on possession plays in really small areas. In the evening, we visited the match stadium for the pre-match training session where we did a light run-out and became accustomed to playing at the match stadium.

In between the two training sessions, we looked at DVD's of our most recent match against Switzerland in the FIFA World Cup 2007 qualifiers when we won 2-0 in Richmond Park and we also watched their 0-0 draw against Scotland from last week. From the footage, Switzerland look like a very young and talented team but I feel that the experience that we have in the squad will stand to us throughout the 90 minutes. They will press us really hard from the start as they are cool and collected when on the ball while their centre forward is definitely one to watch out for as she is a confident play-maker who will be a real threat for us.

In between training sessions and team meetings, we are given a lot of down-time to sleep and recover. One of our goalkeepers, Lynn Bradley has taken to teaching the American girls the Irish language. I think she started them off with the basics such as saying their names and a couple of other phrases which the girls are really interested in. Next on the agenda is to teach them Amhrán na bhFiann from start to finish but I think it may take a little longer than expected!

When the majority of us are using our down-time to rest-up, some of the girls spend their time on Facebook chatting to friends and family. The two Galway girls in the squad have taken it a little further with a Facebook application called, "Farmville"! I don't see what the attraction is myself but they seem to be happy sending each other farm animals and tractors!

Tonight, all of the squad will be in bed extremely early as we have an early start in the morning. We have a very slight run out in the morning at 11am and then all of the months of preparation for these World Cup qualifiers are put to bed as we kick-off the real thing at 5pm in Wohlen! (local time)