WNT set for 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Draw

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WNT set for 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Draw

The Official Draw for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup takes place in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday morning with the Republic of Ireland set to discover their opponents.
21st Oct 2022

Manager Vera Pauw will be present at the Draw, where her team is placed in Pot 3 having qualified for the tournament for the first time following a Qualifying Play-Off victory over Scotland.

The tournament, which will be staged by Australia and New Zealand, will kick off next summer on July 20th and run through to the final on August 20th.

The Draw starts at 19:30 local time (7:30am Irish Time) on Saturday 22 October at Aotea Centre, Auckland.

You can watch the Draw live on RTÉ2 or online via FIFA+

1. The four pots representing the teams will be labelled team pots 1 to 4. In each team pot, there will be eight balls with the country name for each respective qualified team, including in team pot 4, three placeholders for the play-off tournament winners.
2. The eight pots representing the groups will be labelled groups A to H. In each pot, there will be four balls with the group position numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 for each respective group.
3. The draw will start by drawing a team from pot 1 and will end by drawing the last team from pot 4. Each team pot will be completely emptied before moving on to the next pot.
4. A ball from a team pot will be drawn, followed by a ball from one of the group pots, thus determining the position to which the respective team is allocated within the group.

1. In pot 1, New Zealand and Australia will be identified by two different coloured balls respectively. They will be pre-assigned to positions A1 (New Zealand) and B1 (Australia) as co-hosts.
2. The remaining six teams in pot 1 will automatically be drawn into position 1 of each remaining group (in order from group C to H), with each position 1 ball being identified by a different colour.
3. FIFA’s general principle is to ensure, where possible, that no group has more than one team from the same qualification zone/confederation drawn into it. This is applicable to all zones except Europe, which will be represented by 11 teams (which may increase to a total of 12, subject to the play-off tournament results). Consequently, each group will have at least one but no more than two European teams drawn into it. Thus, three (or four) out of the eight groups will have two European teams.
4. The Play-Off Tournament for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup draw may produce an outcome where one, or more, of the play-off groups will also be required to ensure FIFA’s general principle, as outlined in point 3 above, that no group in the final competition has more than one team from the same qualification zone/confederation drawn into it (except Europe).
Whenever reasonably possible, this general principle will be addressed by a respective draw constraint for each play-off placeholder to minimise the duplication of team(s) from the same qualification zone/confederation in the final competition. However, as each play-off tournament group will have numerous qualification zones/confederations represented in each play-off group stream and the winner from that play-off group will not be known by the time of the draw, this placeholder may provide, in one or more groups, two teams from the same qualification zone/confederation.
The number of teams from the same qualification zone/confederation may not exceed two teams per group (e.g. the play-off tournament placeholder with the European participant may not be drawn into a group that already has two European participants).

Pot 1 | New Zealand (hosts), Australia (hosts), United States, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Spain
Pot 2 | Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Norway, Italy, China PR, South Korea
Pot 3 | Denmark, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Jamaica
Pot 4 | Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Morocco, Zambia
Inter-confederation play-offs Group A winners (group includes Portugal)
Inter-confederation play-offs Group B winners
Inter-confederation play-offs Group C winners
Hosts: 2 (Australia, New Zealand)
AFC: 5 (China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam)
CAF: 4 (Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia)
CONCACAF: 4 (Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, United States)
CONMEBOL: 3 (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia)
UEFA: 11 (Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland)
Inter-confederation Play-Offs: 3
Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
New Zealand: Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton, Wellington
20 July, 2023
21 July, 2023
22 July, 2023
23 July, 2023
24 July, 2023
25 July, 2023
26 July, 2023
27 July, 2023
28 July, 2023
30 July, 2023
31 July, 2023
1 August, 2023
2 August, 2023
3 August, 2023
Round of 16
5 August, 2023
6 August, 2023
7 August, 2023
8 August, 2023
11 August, 2023
12 August, 2023
15 August, 2023
16 August, 2023
Third Place Play-Off
19 August, 2023
20 August, 2023

FIFA are handling all ticket sales with single match pass sales beginning following the Draw, with another exclusive Visa ticket pre-sale period from 25 October before all fans will be able to secure tickets from 1 November 2022.

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