WNT players help out with Dublin Simon Community


WNT players help out with Dublin Simon Community

With homelessness at an all-time high, the Republic of Ireland Women's National Team wanted to help raise awareness by volunteering with Dublin Simon Community.
21st Dec 2022

The trio of Jamie Finn, Keeva Keenan and Jessie Stapleton linked up with members of the Outreach Team for their nightly soup run, which provides sandwiches, tea and a friendly face to people sleeping rough on Dublin’s streets in all kinds of weather.

In operation since 1969, the soup run is often the first point of contact between volunteers and people experiencing homelessness. It helps to build relationships and maintain regular contact, and assist in accessing services to rebuild lives.

Pat Greene, Head of Policy and Volunteering at Dublin Simon Community, said: We were delighted to have Jamie, Jessie and Keeva volunteer to accompany us on the Dublin Simon Soup Run in Dublin city centre recently. They engaged with those experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping with our trained part time volunteers.

"Dublin Simon Soup Run operates 365 days a year, with more than 120 part time volunteers offering support and a friendly face to people sleeping rough on Dublin’s streets. The volunteers and our Dublin Outreach team are often the first point of contact for people experiencing homelessness, building a link and providing support to move on into emergency accommodation.

"We greatly appreciate the efforts of the players in bringing attention to the crisis of homelessness in Dublin, and look forward to the continued support of the Women’s Team in highlighting challenges in homelessness.”

To help with tackling homelessness, donate now to Dublin Simon Community