Volunteering opens up opportunities at EURO 2020


Volunteering opens up opportunities at EURO 2020

When EURO 2020 kicks off in Dublin, the volunteers in the city will be part of something special. They will have the chance to immerse themselves in a unique experience as Ireland host matches in the EUROs for the first time.
10th Sep 2019

Joe Swan is one of the chosen volunteers, a football fan for as long as he can remember, he is honoured to be chosen for the experience and excited about the adventure that's to come.

"There are so many positives that come with volunteering," explained Swan.

"Dublin and the Aviva [Stadium] is a great place to be doing it. A lot of people come to Dublin and a lot of young people especially. I travel a lot and everywhere I go people know Ireland and want to come visit. I think Dublin will be a brilliant host, people will have a brilliant time.

"It will be a fantastic show and the idea of having loads of volunteers meeting and greeting around Dublin city will be very important.

"The Stadium will be fun, that will create a great atmosphere all around the area and with the screens in the fan zones it will give everyone an opportunity to join in the fun."

In 2016 Swan, who is retired, was a volunteer in France at the EUROs, working for a month in Nice on four of the matches that were held there including the famous Icelandic victory over England.

"The buzz of a EUROs is like nothing else. It was a fabulous experience in France and I made a lot of friends. It's a great way to meet like-minded people.

"There's a great camaraderie among the volunteers. It's self motivating, it's a buzz, a bit of fun and you are helping people at the same time. 


"That said it is for free and people have their opinions on how football is run, that's only one side of it. Personally I get a lot out of it and I expect the same again," added Swan.

Earlier this year Swan volunteered at the Under-17 European Championships which were held around Ireland.

"I was in the UCD Bowl for the Under-17s competition. I speak a few languages, including Spanish and Dutch from working abroad. I worked with some of the VIPs attached to the teams there I'd imagine I'll do a similar role at the Euros next summer.

"Being able to turn to some one who speaks your language, who is able to guide you to where the crack is, where it's happening or to be able to guide you to your hotel is very important."

Dublin is scheduled to host three group games and one Round of 16 game at the Aviva Stadium. The games will take place in June of 2020. Mick McCarthy's Republic of Ireland team are hoping to qualify and are currently top of group D on 11 points, unbeaten after five games.

"Ireland have been doing remarkably well so far. We have a few tough games ahead but the points in the bag and the confidence that will bring will be very important. I think we will certainly come runners up of our group if we don't win it.
"The future looks very bright for Irish football, the underage teams are playing a lovely style of football and the new Irish are really adding to the teams."