School Kids deliver Fighting Words for WNT

School Kids deliver Fighting Words for WNT

Tasked with writing original poems about football to send to the Republic of Ireland Women's National Team, the 5th Class pupils of Scoil Chomchille, Ballybrack embraced the challenge.
30th Nov 2020

Following a link-up with Fighting Words, the initiative to inspire school kids to be creative with their writing was encouraged by WNT forward Amber Barrett, who hosted a video call with the class.

Barrett, who has a Msc in Education, answered the many questions posed by the school kids from Mr. Breathnach's class and also gave an insight to her path from starting out playing football to becoming a full-time professional.

Having been inspired by Barrett, the school kids worked with Fighting Words - who do terrific work in tutoring and mentoring in creative writing and related arts - and shaped their poems to their own liking.

Here is a collection of the poems written by the students:

Football has a lot of running
Run for the ball before we lose
Inspirational to watch
Excited when we win
Nervous fans aren’t included
Defend your team ad win for your team
Leave the ball then run for the ball
Yell for someone tall to get the ball

By Sophie Kelly

Feeling excited for the match
On the pitch playing football you’ll be rich
Offside goal you’ll get another and maybe even 2
Together we fight to the final whistle
Be inspired by your teams
And no matter how hard it seems
Lose or win you’re a team
Lots of hope that you beat Germany

By Anthony Byrne

Shocked to score
Competitive to win
Overwhelming to miss
Running to get the ball
Interesting to watch
Nervous to lose
Goal keeping to save

By Amy Molloy Byrne

Count on your players
Out play the opposition
Make your players feel happy
Pass the ball around very quickly
Excite your team when you are in need
Take patience into good cause
Invade the other players half
Think about how you play
I will be watching the game
Very excited to see
Even if you don’t win against Germany

By Patrick Ekro

Scoring a goal
Competitive you know
Oh it’s time let’s go!!!
Run so fast
It's so fun to play
Never delay
Get the ball and score yay!!!

By Annabelle Traynor

Hectic screaming from the fans
Amazing players scoring goals
Players tackling other players
Players getting the red card
Young lads winning cups

By Liam Fagan

Good at scoring
Out of oxygen
Around the world
Learning is fun

By Caden Young

Food if you're a dude
In the day time
Tackling to win
Not hurting anybody
Eager to win
Silly scorer
Sadly lost

By Elli Kenny

Fun until done
One for all and all for one
Obsessive game
Time to win money and fame
Balls crossing the line
Angry at the referee
Look a little closer why can’t you see
Live to fight till the end

By Iker Alaña

Fun to play
Out pace the defenders
Outscore opposition
Tackle and never give up
Boots are very clean
And score lots of goals against Germany
Love playing it
Love scoring goals

By Alex Geoghegan

Happy to play football
Amazing and fun
Probably you don’t like it
Probably you think it is bad and for losers
You think I don’t like it but I do

By Alexa Carney

Fun to watch
Outrageous to play
Outrun everyone else
Too much work
Because is competitive there’s no need to hate it
Amazing to win
Lots of fitness
Loads of fun

By Alana Lester

Oh a beautiful game
Over head kicks
The ball being crossed
Being tackled
Always fun
Love the sport
Longing to be played

By Lennon Baker Harney

Goal Keeper
And try your best
Learn to play

Keep the football at your feet
Even if it’s hard
Everyone makes mistakes
Practice hard
Even if your tired
Referees will help

By Holly Walsh

Having a good game
And scoring lots of goals
People cheering at their teles
People cheering at home
You will have a good game and I hope Ireland win

By Dale Mooney Farrell

Help your friends
Attack the goal
Pace and jump
Play and have fun
You’ll have the best time of your life

By Kayleigh Crangle