MU16 | Review of 2022

MU16 | Review of 2022

The highlight of 2022 for the MU16s was lifting the Victory Shield in October however their year began with impressive displays in a tournament in Serbia in April.
15th Dec 2022

Ireland ended the competition with a 3-2 win over North Macedonia, Stanley Ashbee scored the late winner on his international debut with Trent Kone Doherty picking-up player of the tournament.

From there Paul Osam’s side went to Sweden for a UEFA Development Tournament where they bouncedback from a defeat against Switzerland with an impressive display against Sweden. They finished their international season with an excellent 2-1 win over Iceland thanks to goals from Danny McGrath and Gabriel Kelly.

In October, Wateford played host to the Victory Shield with Ireland looking to claim a third title since 2015. Back-to-back penalty shootout wins over Wales and Northern Ireland meant a win over Scotland would see Ireland lift the title once again. The young side put in an outstanding performance beating Scotland 4-1 with goals from Ike Orazi, Mason Melia, Niall McAndrew and Sean Moore.


12.04.22 | Serbia 3-2 Ireland

14.04.22 | North Macedonia 2-3 Ireland

11.05.22 | Switzerland 7-0 Ireland

13.05.22 | Sweden 2-1 Ireland

16.05.22 | Ireland 2-1 Iceland

30.10.22 | Ireland 2-2 Wales (Ireland win 5-4 on penalties)

01.11.22 | Ireland 1-1 Northern Ireland (Ireland 3-1 on penalties)

04.11.22 | Ireland 4-1 Scotland


6 - Mason Melia

5 – Romeo Akachukwu, Luke Kehir, Gabriel Kelly, Sean Mackey, Taylor Mooney,
Cory O’Sullivan, John O’Sullivan, Naj Razi,

4 – Stan Ashbee, Sean Hayden, Daniel McGrath, Luke Nolan, Nickson Okosun

3 – Anthony Dodd, Kyle Fitzgerald, Jason Healy, Trent Kone-Doherty, Darragh Marshall, Niall McAndrew, Matthew Moore, Sean Moore, Luke Mulligan, Matthew Murray, Luke O’Donnell, Ike Orazi

2 – Caighlum Barry-Mulvey, Luca Callicoe, Joe Collins, Jamie Gamble, Marcus Gill, Ronnie Gorman, Ivan Graminschii, Jake Grante, Kaylem Harnett, Taylor McCarthy, Shane Tracey, Egor Vassenin, Richard Vodo, Shaun Wade

1 – Afi Adebayo, Rhys Bartley, Fiachra Coffey, Adam O’Halloran, James Roche,


3 – Trent Kone-Doherty

2 – Mason Melia

1 – Luke Kehir, Niall McAndrew, Sean Moore, Matthew Murray, Ike Orazi, Naj Razi, Richard Vodo