Ireland WU16 end campaign with Danish loss

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Ireland WU16 end campaign with Danish loss

Ireland slump to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Denmark in windy conditions at Gannon Park on February 23.
17th Jun 2015

The opening ten minutes saw both sides try and gain control of the match with the Danes just edging possession.  Ireland, in the 5th minute, through Leanne Kiernan, tried to cross the ball into the box but the wind taking her cross behind. Two minutes later, Ireland had a corner but again the wind took the ball and swerved it out for a goal kick.

In the 13th minute, the Danes were looking dangerous, Caroline Jacobsen, passed the ball from the centre midfield area out wide to her right, winger Frida Petersen, then ran with the ball and tried to pick out centre forward, Maria Hovmark, but the pass was over hit and went behind for a goal kick.  Two minutes later, the Ireland left back was caught in possession and Petersen was able to run down the wing but her cross was over hit and came to nothing.  In the 19th minute, Ireland, from their right hand side, attempted to cross the ball into the opposition box, but again the wind saw the ball behind for a goal kick.

The Danish wide players were finding themselves in space with a lot of their play going down their flanks.  However, it was their centre midfielder, Laerke Sondergaard, who, in the 31st minute, found Hovmark with a through ball, which left her through on the Irish keeper, Josephine Madsen, who was happy to see Hovmark pull her shot wide.  In the 33rd minute the Danes were at it again, this time Hovmark turning provider who nearly picked out Petersen with a through ball of her own.  Nearly half time now and the Danes looking more likely to score.  Ireland finding it hard to create any real chances.

As the half were coming to an end, the lively Petersen was forced off the pitch with a bloody nose but Ireland couldn’t take advantage of the extra player and the half-finished. Denamrk 0-0 Republic of Ireland.  Petersen returned to the pitch moments before the half time whistle blew.

The second half started lively for the Danes, as Hovmark rattled the crossbar with a shot from outside the box.  The following minutes saw the game get a little bit scrappy with the increasing strength of the wind not helping matters.  In the 52nd minute, the Irish No.10, Rachel Baynes, picked out Heather Payne with a nice pass.  Payne’s resulting shot, however, never really troubled the Danish keeper.  The Irish would rue that miss, as moments later the Danes got the ball out wide and swept the ball into the Irish six yard box.  The Irish keeper came to collect but could not keep a hold of it and the ball landed to substitute, Signe Andersen, who was able to tap the ball into the Irish net.  Denmark 1, Republic of Ireland 0.

In the 55th minute, Ireland were again caught in possession.  Danish player, Sofie Svava, winning the ball for her team, passed to Hovmark, whose long range effort went wide.  The strong wind making it difficult for Ireland to get distance on their clearances for which the Danes were using to their advantage.  This was evident in the 66th minute when, following Danish pressure, Ireland gave away a corner.  The resulting ball into the box was never fully dealt with.  A rebounded shot from the Irish keeper let in Signe Andersen, who was able to get her second of the match.  Denmark 2, Republic of Ireland 0.

In the 72nd minute, Ireland couldn’t deal with the Danish attack.  The wind making it increasingly difficult to clear the ball and out of scrappy play, the Danish captain Sondergaard, who was the main creator for the Danes, had a curling effort from the edge of the box bounce back of the crossbar. 

Ireland, throughout, found it difficult to create any clear cut chances.  Leanne Kiernan looking the most likely to threaten the Danish defence.  The wind, especially in the second half, did Ireland no favours.  The Danes exploiting this to their advantage and despite a brave effort from the Irish players, the Danes came out victorious.  Full time, Denmark 2, Republic of Ireland 0.

DENMARK: Josephine Madsen, Olivia Drost, Caroline Jacobsen, Laerke Sondergaard, Maria Hovmark, Sara Holmgaard, Benedikte Schroder, Karen Holmgaard, Maiken Hansen, Agnete Nielsen, Frida Petersen.  Subs: Silke Seland for Schrober 40, Kamilla Karlsen for Karen Holmgaard 40, Sofie Svava for Sara Holmgaard 40, Signe Andersen for Nielsen 40, Rebecca Dall for Drost 40, Therese Ibsen for Hansen 57, Solveig Andersen for Hovmark 57,  Alberte Hallgren for Petersen 67.

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Aoife McColgan, Jade Reddy, Isobel Finnegan, Alexandra Kavanagh, Heather Payne, Leah Reybet-Degat, Rachel Baynes, Leanne Kiernan, Lauren Kelly, Danielle Burke, Zoe Green.  Subs: Chloe Connolly for Reybet-Degat 23, Niamh Sheehan for Kelly 29, Tara O’Gorman for Connolly 50, Nicole Plunkett for Alexandra Kavanagh 63, Naoisha McAloon for McColgan 74.