Improving match day for children with autism


Improving match day for children with autism

Kids with autism experience live football in a different way to the average supporter, so we wanted to help make their match day as enjoyable as possible.
15th Jun 2017

By working closely with the Irish Society for Autism, we have created a unique match day checklist that allows young supporters with autism to follow a structured routine and have fun doing so.

Kids with autism tend to like following routines, so this checklist gives them the opportunity to catalogue every bit of their experience from when they arrive in the Aviva Stadium until when they depart.

We have also catered for kids with autism who get uncomfortable amongst large crowds and overwhelmed by big noises by providing a corporate box for a number of families for the 'Three' International Friendly against Iceland in June - free of charge.

Over the coming months we plan on rolling out more inititatives to help make the match day experience for kids with autism as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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Below is the match day checklist...