Fan information ahead of Celtic v Wolves


Fan information ahead of Celtic v Wolves

Supporters of Celtic and Wolves attending Saturday's friendly at Aviva Stadium are advised to plan ahead their journey to the stadium due to expected high demand of the public transport network on the day.
27th Jul 2023

Fans of both clubs are due to turn out for in high numbers and match organisers and transport authorities are providing the following advice to those attending.


  • This fixture is one of a number of events (large & small) taking place in Dublin on the same day and also coincides with an event taking place in Bray, North Wicklow which is the Bray Airshow
  • The Bray Airshow will be attended by a large number of spectators who will use various modes of transport.  The DART train service will be very much used by a large number of spectators for this event and will therefore be extremely limited to availability for spectators attending Aviva Stadium. There's the prospect that trains may well be full before they approach Dublin City Centre.
  • Match organisers managing this fixture are strongly recommending that spectators attending the Aviva Stadium do so by the following methods
  • Walking from City Centre

    Avia Stadium is regarded as a walking stadium and the match organisers are recommending that the walking method is strongly recommended. It is 2.5km from Dublin City Centre to Aviva Stadium

  • Taxi from City Centre

    Taking a taxi from the City Centre is also an option

  • Arrive early

    Turnstiles Open at 12:30hrs and it is advisable for all spectators to arrive early to the stadium to avoid any delays at the entry points.



  • There will be messages on the stadium screens and via the stadium PA announcer informing spectators of the recommendation to walk back to the city centre


  • In order to avoid any discomfort or congestion at the DART Stations or on the DART Trains it is best for match spectators to adhere to the recommendations given by the match organisers and hosts