Alex Bruce Q & A

Alex Bruce Q & A

16th Jan 2009
Club supported as a kid:
Manchester United

Who did you pretend to be in the playground as a kid?
Roy Keane

Earliest football memory:
Playing football in the garden with my Dad

Best chant featuring your name:
Generally chants about my nose being massive

Most talented player you have played against:
Steven Gerrard

Pre match superstitions:
I always wear my shin pads when I warm up

Funniest thing you've ever seen on a football pitch:
Ben Thatcher and some of his abusive comments

Pet hate:
Arrogance and cockiness

Last album bought:
Stereophonics Greatest Hits

Favourite film:
Too many to choose from to pick a favourite!

Favourite video game:
Pro evolution soccer

Favourite quote:
Always remember your mates, your studs!

If I was an animal in another life, I'd be a:
A lion

If I could have a superpower, it would be:
To be able to fly

Where were you for David O'Leary's penalty against Romania?
At home like most six year olds!

Top 5 Irish players of all time:
Frank Stapleton
Paul McGrath
Roy Keane
Dennis Irwin
John Aldridge

Top 5 best players ever:
Roy Keane
Lionel Messi
Steven Gerrard
Ryan Giggs
Zinedine Zidane