Sport Ireland Safeguarding Audit

Sport Ireland Safeguarding Audit

Please watch the above video to assist you with the process.


Support National Governing Bodies to strengthen adherence to safeguarding policies and procedures thereby ensuring that children and young people partaking in sport are protected.

Benefits from the Audit:

Clubs/Leagues (Relevant service):

  • Self-assess adherence to Safeguarding Policies and procedures
  • Identify Gaps and actions areas


  • Overview of Safeguarding Adherence
  • Identify any issues of non-compliance
  • Identify supports required

Sport Ireland:

  • Overview of safeguarding adherence at grassroots level across all sports
  • Identify any issues of non-compliance
  • Identify supports required

Areas covered:

  • Key Safeguarding Roles
  • Safeguarding Training
  • Child Safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Additional policies, procedures and Guidance
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Support
  • Behaviour & Equality
  • Communication

Timeline for completion:

Mid-January 2022 Information letter issued
End of January 2022 Information Evening
End of January 2002 links sent to clubs
20th March 2022- All submissions completed and received.