Notice to all FAI Registered Referees & Referee Observers

As you are no doubt aware, the Government has given permission for a “Return to Football” for Grassroots leagues and the Football Association of Ireland has confirmed that friendly games can resume on the 11th July and competitive games from the 18th July. Referees are instructed not to referee games prior to the 11th July.

Match officials and referee observers are an integral part of football and we must ensure that we are well prepared prior to our return to play. The ‘Safer Return To Play - Match Day Protocols’ provide guidance and direction to match officials and observers on how to manage the administration and the refereeing of games. The ‘Laws of the Game’ provide referees with all the necessary authority to deal with all on-field issues, whilst other matters should be reported to the leagues who run the competitions.

The primary aim of these protocols is to minimise risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus to as low a level as possible. The principles of risk mitigation are identical for training, refereeing and observing. These protocol must be followed in conjunction with all FAI Protocols which can be found here https://www.fai.ie/domestic/news/fai-safer-return-to-play-protocol

All guidelines are underpinned by the principle that individuals should only engage with practices that protect their health and safety as they return to refereeing and observing in line with Government and HSE directives. The exact date of a return to play will be determined by the league you are assigned to and this will be guided by the Affiliate body and Football Association of Ireland. In the meantime, it is recommended that you continue to take some preparatory steps to be ready for a return to football.

If you require any further information in relation to the protocols or we can assist you in any way please contact us at referees@fai.ie