Webinar series reaches huge audience


Webinar series reaches huge audience

With 16 different Webinars broadcast over four months, the FAI Coach Education Department has been able to directly stay in contact with coaches all around the world.
17th Aug 2020

Under the guidance of FAI Head of Coach Education Niall O'Regan, the Webinar series started in May to help coaches during the lockdown period caused by COVID-19 and to ensure that they were able to keep learning.

The variety of the topics covered in the series ensured that every coach, no matter their level, was able to take something from each Webinar. And that is reflected in the phenomenal numbers across social & digital media.

Overall, there were 26,000 views on YouTube, 2 million impressions on Twitter, excellent engagement on Facebook, and a strong audience of subscribers build up on the Coach Education digital newsletter.

There were also 580 coaches who completed the assignments set in selected Webinars that earned CPD hours, with up to 50 of those coaches completing all of the assignments.

"One of the key objectives of the 2021-2025 FAI Coach Education Pathway is to ensure that we provide a better support structure for coaches, to be part of their journey all of the way, and this Webinar series has helped us in that," said O'Regan.

"The positive feedback from coaches, all around the world, has been fantastic and it was great that we were able to give something back to them, not just in terms of informative Webinars but also by awarding CPD hours to those who did the assignments.

"I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making the Webinars a success, particularly Gareth Maher and Matthew Turnbull in our Communications Department for their tireless work in recording, editing & promoting these, and also to the coaches for interacting with them.

"The future for Coach Education in this country is very bright and we are excited to take the next steps."

All Webinars are available to view on the FAI TV YouTube channel or click on the links below:
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Tom O'Connor
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Jim Crawford
Jason Donohue
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Performance Analysis
Session Planning
Football Fitness
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