'Sport for All' Disability Supports Club Fund open

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'Sport for All' Disability Supports Club Fund open

The Football Association of Ireland has notified clubs that Sport Ireland opened the application process for a €2million ‘Sport for All’ Disability Supports Club Fund.
5th Aug 2022

The scheme will be open to the affiliated clubs of Sport Ireland recognised National Governing Bodies (NGBs). The fund offers every club affiliated with a Sport Ireland recognised National Governing Body an opportunity to provide inclusive programmes and supports for people with a disability.

The fund will support the initiation or enhancement of disability specific activities within grassroots sports clubs. Football Clubs can apply directly to the FAI for funding under this scheme.

The FAI will then in turn submit a consolidated application on behalf of our clubs to Sport Ireland.

Grassroots Clubs can apply for funding of between €1,000 and €5,000 to support the following areas:

1. Disability Supports Education & Training

2. Disability Supports Programme Activation and Delivery

3. Disability Supports Small Scale Equipment and Infrastructure.

For more information or to get a link to the online application, please email footballforall@fai.ie Applications will close on Monday, August 22.