SESS scheme set for phase two to help with bills


SESS scheme set for phase two to help with bills

The Football Association of Ireland are delighted to confirm that the Sport Energy Support Scheme will progress into Phase Two of the scheme which will allow for the support of increased energy bills for an additional two months.
26th May 2023

The inclusion of these additional months - which is April and May 2023 - is a welcome announcement and the FAI are urging clubs to avail of this important to help with your energy bills.

There was a huge response to phase one of the scheme and we're looking forward to a similar response for phase two with the same conditions and requirements set to be enforced.

The application process will require the submission of supporting documents to substantiate applications at the point of application submission. Further information in relation to Phase Two of the Sport Energy Support Scheme will be shared in the coming weeks along with application instructions.

This information will be communicated via a number of formats so please keep an eye for updates. A brief overview of Phase Two can be found below which will help you and your club prepare in advance of the application process opening.

- The FAI application process will open for clubs and leagues via an online portal in July 2023. This allows time for applicants to gather April and May 2023 bills and include in their submission at the point of application.
- Applications will be based on a comparison of energy costs across both eligible periods: o September 2019 to May 31st 2020 o September 2022 to May 31st 2023
- Estimated figures will not be accepted – actual figures only. Figures must be substantiated via energy bills from the eligible period only.
- For those clubs and leagues that applied via Phase One – any bills not included in the Phase One application can be included in Phase Two up to May 31st 2023.
- Those that did not apply for support via Phase One can apply for all eligible months (Sep 1st ’22 – May 31st ’23) via Phase Two.
- Organisations applying for support must be the primary utility bill payer of the sporting facility to be eligible to apply for support.
- The SESS will only support increased energy costs associated with sporting activities only. Non-sporting activity (bars, restaurants etc.) are not eligible and should not be included in applications for support.
- Any questions in relation to Phase One or Phase Two of the SESS can be directed to

The FAI will endeavour to keep clubs informed on any updates on the scheme through the FAIreland social channels but also make sure you're signed up to the grassroots newsletter to receive updates straight to your inbox. Sign up here: