Release of 2020 WNL Fixture List

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Release of 2020 WNL Fixture List

The Fixture List for the 2020 Women's National League has been released.
17th Jul 2020

The 10th season in the League's history will kick off on Saturday, August 8th with three games scheduled before one more game takes place on the following day.

The season was originally due to kick off in March but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, football is ready to return with nine clubs involved in the truncated campaign. 

The first series will signal the beginning of Phase One, where every team will face off against each other. There will then be a split for Phase Two, where clubs will be separated into two sections and playing each other again.

In early October, the FAI Women's Cup will begin at the quarter-final stage with each of the clubs hoping to make it all the way to the Final, which will be played on the weekend ending Sunday, December 13th.

In order to help clubs, affiliation fees have waived, a participation grant will be provided, prize money will be spread out equally, and there will be funds available to ensure all clubs can upgrade their grounds to follow safety protocols.

The FAI will also supply a special COVID-19 Assistance Grant to help each of the clubs who will have suffered financial losses due to the pandemic disrupting the original start to the season.

There will also be additional support given to teams in the Under-17 League. Clubs will be able to access performance analysis for their games following a link up with Avenir Sports and using the Hudl and WyScout platforms. Each club has been provided with a video camera, tripod, and memory card to record their games.