Raheny share their top tips for Sports Capital application

Raheny share their top tips for Sports Capital application

As the deadline for new clubs to register for the Sports Capital and Equipment Programme (SCEP) approaches, we went and spoke to Raheny United on how they secured their successful application in 2020 for €120,000.
23rd Aug 2023

Clubs around the country are being urged to get their SCEP applications prepared ahead of the Friday, September 8th deadline whilst clubs who haven't availed of the programme before need to register now ahead of Friday, August 25th deadline for new clubs.

That is in just two days time!

The programme is a fantastic opportunity to help transform and improve your club. Raheny were successful in 2020 with a grant application for €120,000 to improve their clubhouse and will be going into the 2023 rounds of applications to apply for further funding.

Their top tips to any other clubs include:-

- Collect all of the data from around the club
- Show the amount of people involved in the club from players, coaches and volunteers
- Get an application together and go through the process regardless of whether you feel you will be successful or not
- Practice makes perfect (Raheny had three unsuccessful applications before success in 2020)

"We applied for and granted €120,000 for the clubhouse. We're going to put showers in all of the dressing rooms, a new fitness room and we're going to improve the committee rooms, all of which will be a huge help to the club," said Billy Ward, Assistant Treasurer of Raheny United.

"It is vital every club avails of the programme. Get all of your data from around your club, all players, volunteers and community involvement at the club, all very important. Use this opportunity to get the experience of doing it as well because you will be better placed in the future to have a successful application. Go through the process and get the experience and you will be successful at some point.

"I think every club has a responsibility to try and get the funds needed to improve our facilities around the country and it's vitally important we all play our part."

"The grant we've already been approved gives a whole new lifeline to the club. We have an incredibly active girls section which is only growing so the pressure to improve our facilities, in particular the shower facilities is extremely important," said Aidan O'Looney, Chair of Raheny United.

"We're trying to develop as a club in other areas as well with video analysis and the grant has helped us in those areas as well which will only improve us on the pitch.

"It took us two or three applications to get it right but if you go through the process and you're successful, it makes a massive difference!"