Oscar Traynor Inter-League Cup set to return for 2023/24


Oscar Traynor Inter-League Cup set to return for 2023/24

The FAI Oscar Traynor Inter-League Cup is set to return to the national football calendar for the 2023/24 season.
18th Aug 2023

The Oscar Traynor Inter-League Cup, which dates back to 1963, returns for the first time since the 2019/20 season and sees Junior Leagues affiliated to the FAI submit representative league teams to participate in the competition.

This season's competition will return in October 2023 with teams participating in a provincial Inter-League competition before progressing to the national phase of the competition from January 2024 onwards.

The FAI are now inviting entry submissions from all leagues applicable to the competition with details how to enter circulated to all applicable leagues and the deadline stated as Sunday, September 10th.

The FAI Youth Inter-League Cup is also set to return for the 2023/24 following victory for the Cork Youth Leagues in the 2022/23 addition of the competition.

The competition will follow the same timeline as the Oscar Traynor Cup with a provincial phase before progressing to the national competition. Details will be shared with applicable leagues with the deadline set as Sunday, September 10th.