Nominations for President and Vice-President invited

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Nominations for President and Vice-President invited

The General Manager of the Football Association of Ireland has today written to AGM members inviting nominations for the positions of President and Vice-President of the Association, as per rule changes recommended in the report issued by the Governance Review Group (GRG).
8th Jul 2019

Under the new proposals, the President and Vice-President of the FAI will be elected at the AGM rather than at a special Council meeting following the AGM as in the past.

The President and Vice-President will serve on the Interim Board for 12 months. The rule changes needed to implement the GRG recommendation regarding the election of the President and Vice-President will be voted on at an EGM on July 20th.

Nominations must be received by registered post by July 12th. All nominees for President and Vice-President must outline their credentials for the post as per the recommendations of the report from the Governance Review Group, set-up in partnership with Sport Ireland.

Nominees are asked to outline their skillset in the areas of football administration, finance, legal, governance, risk management, board experience, business management and HR. Nominees for the posts of President and Vice-President under the proposed voting structure must be serving members of Council and have served a minimum of two years on Council.

Under the GRG recommendations, the successful Presidential candidate will not chair the newly constituted Interim Board of the FAI. The GRG report also recommends that the President and Vice-President should come from different constituencies of the Association, and that all Interim Board members should have a mix of skills and competencies as set out in the nomination form.

In the letter sent to AGM members, General Manager Noel Mooney writes: “I am writing to you in advance of our AGM on the 27th July to invite nominations for the positions of President and Vice-President of the Football Association of Ireland.

“As you will be aware, following recommendations outlined in the Governance Review Group Report (the “Report”), there will be an EGM on the 20th July next to vote on proposed new rules which will include an amendment to the way in which members elect the President and Vice President of the Association.

"As per recommendation 59 of the Report it is proposed that such elections take place at the Association’s AGM.

“Given the commitment of the current President and Vice President to step down on 27th July, it will be necessary to hold elections for these positions on 27th July. You are therefore invited to submit nominations by close of business on 12th July next.”

The letter from the General Manager also outlines how the President and Vice-President will be elected if the rule changes recommended in the GRG Report are not passed.

Should members not vote in favour of the proposed rule changes on the 20th July or the subsequent constitution changes on the 27th July, then elections for these positions will be held in accordance with the current rules of the Association, which provide that these elections be held at a Council meeting.

If required, the election will take place at a special meeting of Council which will be held directly after the AGM on 27th July. In order to be eligible under the current rules, a nominee must have been a member of Council for at least three years, which service need not necessarily have been consecutive.