McCaffrey legacy benefitting young coaches


McCaffrey legacy benefitting young coaches

For anyone lucky enough to have known Sean McCaffrey, they can attest to just how good a coach he was. So it is only fitting that his legacy is now helping young coaches start out on their own pathway.
11th Feb 2022

The former Republic of Ireland underage head coach passed away in 2018 and a Foundation in his name was quickly set up to ensure that his influence is not forgotten.

Now, the Sean McCaffrey Foundation has linked up with the Football Association of Ireland to create a Coaching Support Programme.

The Programme will cater for coaches in the Cavan and Monaghan regions by delivering Coach Education courses from PDP1 to UEFA C level, free of charge to club coaches over the next five years. 

In association with Xpress Health, the Programme will start in 2022 with Grassroots coaches identified as the main target group to help.

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