Local Carlow League turns to Online Gaming during Shutdown


Local Carlow League turns to Online Gaming during Shutdown

Football in Ireland remains shutdown, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
4th May 2020

While football at all levels in Ireland is waiting to return to pitches around the country, the Carlow and District League have taken a novel approach to keeping their teams active off the pitch.

"The response was huge and much bigger than expected with some clubs even hosting internal tournaments to decide who would represent them,” League Secretary Brian O'Reilly told local newspaper The Nationalist.

“The competition also generated huge interest on social media with over 95 people watching the final live on twitch stream."

Local clubs ran internal competitions to decide who represented them, while other clubs nominated players to represent their local club.

The tournament was won by Mill Celtic. The Kildare club took the virtual trophy back over the border after a 4-3 win in the Final against Vale Wanderers A.

Such was the success of the tournament, plans are already underway for another competition in the coming weeks.