Limerick Late Nite League continues to grow

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Limerick Late Nite League continues to grow

For seven years, FAI Development Officer Jason O'Connor has been organising Late Nite Leagues in Limerick at the city's Factory Youth Space.
15th Jan 2019

With help from the local Roxboro Road Garda Station, O'Connor runs a weekly Late Nite League through the month of January, and into early February.

As pitches in the area may not be at their strongest due to inclement weather, the Limerick Development Officer says the Late Nite League gives players from inner-city Limerick the perfect chance to play football in a fun and friendly environment.

"The idea of the nights, is the help the players build relationships with the Gardai and each other. Players come from all across the city to play in these nights."

O'Connor (pictured second from right) has worked with the FAI for seven years and he says that numbers in the past two years have reached record highs.

"There are over 70 players coming every week. We have eight teams in total and the retention rate has been very high. It's fantastic to see."

Gardai Adrian Healy, Keith McCarthy and Adrian Whelan help O'Connor organise the weekly matches and their help has been deemed invaluable.

Players from various levels in Limerick take part, and O'Connor claims the variety in standards makes it appealing to those who play.

"There are lads who play on Sundays with their clubs, and there are players who dont play at all. They all get equal opportunities"

Players from Moyross, Ballynanty, Weston and Southill are travel weekly to the Factory Youth Space to play. O'Connor hopes with the opportunites available, they will continue to travel from all around the city to the Southill venue.