Final four teams qualify for Under-16 Gaynor Cup

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Final four teams qualify for Under-16 Gaynor Cup

South Tipperary League, Clare League, Sligo/Letirim League and Wexford League have earned the final four spots in the Fota Island Resort Under-16 Gaynor Cup.
16th Apr 2018

Eight teams took part in two qualification tournaments in Ennis and Dublin over Saturday and Sunday, in a bid to reach the group stages of the Gaynor Cup in the University of Limerick next month.

In Ennis, the South Tipperary League and Clare League finished in the top-two spots. Both sides were unbeaten in their threee games including a 1-1 draw against each other. In a keenly contested Group 1, South Tipperary ended their three matches on seven points, with the Clare League finishing two points behind their Munster rivals.

In the AUL Complex, the Sligo/Leitrim League and Wexford League qualified after two keenly contested days in the north Dublin venue. Four of the six games ended in draws or only had one goal between the sides. Sligo/Leitrim finished in top spot with two wins and a draw, with Wexford claiming one win and two draws.

The four sides will know take part in the Gaynor Cup, next month in Limerick.

Group 1 Results
Clare League 2-1 Kerry League
North Tipperary League 1-2 South Tipperary League
Clare League 1-1 South Tipperary League
Kerry League 0-1 North Tipperary League 
Kerry League 0-4 South Tipperary League 
Clare League 1-1 North Tipperary League

Group 2 Results
Kilkenny League 0-2 Sligo/Leitrim League
Mid Western League 0-0 Wexford League
Sligo/Leitrim League 0-0 Wexford League
Kilkenny League 1-0 Mid Western League
Kilkenny League 0-1 Wexford League
Sligo/Leitrim League 5-1 Mid Western League