FIFA welcomes meeting with FAI Board


FIFA welcomes meeting with FAI Board

A delegation from FIFA met with FAI President Donal Conway and the FAI Board today and expressed their satisfaction with their engagements with the Association whilst also stressing their commitment to safeguarding the autonomy of the FAI.
15th May 2019

Bjorn Vassallo, Director Member Associations Europe with FIFA, and colleague Sarah Solemale from FIFA’s Association Governance Services, will now meet with Sport Ireland at their National Sports Campus headquarters on Thursday morning.

The FIFA delegation met on Wednesday afternoon with the FAI Board and interim CEO Rea Walshe after their Council meeting.

Director Member Associations Europe, Vassallo said afterwards: “We were very happy to be here today and meet with the President, with his Board and with the interim CEO. The engagement with the FAI, not only today but in recent weeks, has been very good and we are very happy for that. Obviously we are following what’s happened here and recent developments and we are meeting with Sport Ireland tomorrow. Our main objective is to safeguard the autonomy of the FAI as a full member Association of FIFA and we intend to do that.”

FAI President Donal Conway thanked FIFA for their visit and also expressed his satisfaction with Wednesday’s Council meeting at the Association’s headquarters.

Conway said: “We have had some very productive meetings today. We had a Council meeting early today and I am happy with the way it went as I think our members were and then our friends from FIFA came in. We explained our circumstances, our situation, and we were assured of their solidarity and support which is very, very important to us. I think they quickly appraised the situation we find ourselves in. They now go to meet Sport Ireland tomorrow.”