FAQ's on the Governance Review Report


FAQ's on the Governance Review Report

Frequently asked questions regarding the Governance Review Report ahead of vote at the EGM of the FAI.
19th Jul 2019

What happens if the Rules and the Constitution are not passed?

If changes are not passed, the Association will elect a Board through the existing processes under the current rules.

Is this report being rushed through too quickly?

The Governance Review Group were given a timeline to produce a report which they met. The proposed rule changes and constitutional changes are step one in the implementation of the report which has been endorsed by the Board. Full implementation will take further work and further rule and constitutional changes will be presented to members in 2020. The initial reforms relate to how the Board of the FAI is formulated and introduces independent Board Members.

Certain strands of the game are not as fairly represented as others. How will this be addressed?

What the report aims for is the implementation of a nominations approach, whereby nominees take a place on committees or Board and take a full view of the game, making decisions for the greater good with all strands of the game in mind. We have established an Internal Implementation Group and in future phases, any gaps that do exist will be addressed. The Implementation Group will be overseen by an Implementation Oversight Group made up of FAI nominees and Sport Ireland nominees.

Why have a 12-month Interim Board? Should the whole Board not step down and be replaced by a new board?

As per commitment given, all Board members will step down and one, maybe two, will seek re-election to the Interim Board in line with the report’s suggestion to ensure continuity and knowledge transfer.

Who will recruit the independent members of the Board and how?

The nominations Committee will appoint the independent members of the Board. That Committee will consist of:

· The President

· Another member of the Board

· An expert in recruitment and selection

· Up to three members co-opted by the Board where necessary

It is proposed that two of the co-opted members will be appointed by Sport Ireland.

There would appear to be a huge onus on those involved at Board and Board Committee level. Will these be paid roles? 

No remuneration will be given for these roles. There is huge amount of good will for the FAI to reform and move forward in a positive way to grow the game and we do not envisage any problem in filling places at Board and Board Committee level. Board Committees will also be supported by FAI staff to assist and support them in fulfilling their obligations set out in their work plans and Terms of Reference. Funding at club and league level has been negatively affected by this.

Will our funding applications now have less chance of being approved?

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport has confirmed that football clubs and entities can submit applications for funding which will be reviewed as normal.

How often will new recommendations be reviewed? Is methodology there to ensure if it is not working, this can be addressed?

The Implementation Oversight Group is key to this. They will ensure that the recommendations are fully implemented and ensure that evaluations take place. Ongoing Board and Committee evaluation and regularly taking stock of progress is extremely important. Boards and Committee structures now include annual and bi-annual reviews. Work programs, targets and deliverables will also be in place. Recommendations also include internal audit and risk functions and role(s).

Are there oversight mechanisms in place to ensure the report is implemented? Will Sport Ireland play a role in overseeing the implementation of the report?

Sport Ireland have shown significant commitment to reform which is shared by the FAI Board. Sport Ireland will nominate members to the Implementation Oversight Group. This group will oversee the work of the internal FAI Implementation Group and ensure that the report is implemented in full. Further to this, the Board and Board Committee structures include annual and bi-annual effectiveness reviews. Work programs, targets and deliverables will be in place. Recommendations within the report include internal audit and risk functions and roles.

Adopting the report does not necessarily mean practices within the FAI will change.

There is fundamental and cultural change required within the FAI. External membership on the Implementation Oversight Committee and the Board is very important in ensuring this change happens. We are fully aware of the challenge that lies ahead for us and are absolutely committed to change.

How is the new Board constituted?

· President

· Vice President

· 6 members representative of the football Community

· 4 Independent Members (one of whom will be Chairperson)