FAI welcomes Government response to proposals


FAI welcomes Government response to proposals

Roy Barrett, chairperson of the Board of the Football Association of Ireland, has welcomed the response from Ministers Catherine Martin and Jack Chambers to proposals to go to the FAI EGM on Monday to ensure that the MOU with Government will be implemented in full.
29th Aug 2020

The Ministers wrote to the FAI today following a briefing with Roy Barrett and Interim CEO Gary Owens on Friday evening and commended the Board of the FAI for advancing the reform process beyond the timeframe envisaged by the MOU with the completion of the reviews of the constitution, Council and AGM and the inclusion of a more broader and diverse membership of a new General Assembly.

Ministers Martin and Chambers have also informed the FAI, that in the context of these advances to the reform process, they have noted the FAI’s proposal with respect to a process for retiring members of the FAI Council who have greater than 10 years’ service.

At the presentation to the Ministers, the FAI outlined the proposals to go to Monday’s meeting in regard to the importance of retaining experienced persons with the necessary key skillsets which will be required during the next 18-24 months when there will be significant changes in the Association.

In his letter to members, Chairperson Barrett writes: “I am happy to inform you that, given the wider reforms taking place and in particular the replacement of the Council with the establishment of the wider General Assembly, the Ministers are satisfied that Council members with greater than 10 years’ service will be eligible to go for election to the General Assembly subject to their term of office concluding on or before 31 July 2022.

"The Ministers also note that term limits will apply to membership of the new Assembly.”