FAI Greater Dublin Football Review is launched


FAI Greater Dublin Football Review is launched

The Football Association is currently undertaking a review into the structure of adult football at all levels in the greater Dublin area.
29th May 2018

In conjunction with the Leinster Football Association, Amateur Football League, Athletic Union League, Leinster Football League, Leinster Senior Football League and United Churches Football League, the FAI are seeking the views of all players and volunteers who are involved in the game.
As part of the Review, the FAI intend to:

  • Capture feedback focussing on but not limited to: Participation, Governance, League Structures, Organisation, and Facilities
  • Identify key issues and themes representing the views of stakeholders
  • Compile a report outlining the views of stakeholders and the current landscape
  • Identify and make recommendations to form a strategy for Amateur Football in greater Dublin
  • Present findings and recommendations to FAI CEO, Board and Executive Committee

No matter the role, everyone involved in football in the greater Dublin area are encouraged to participate in an online survey with a view to improving the game in the area.
To take part in the survey, visit the FAI website under the following categories:

Player: http://www.fai.ie/domestic/player-survey-amateur-football-review-greater-dublin-region

Club Volunteer: http://www.fai.ie/domestic/club-volunteer-survey-amateur-football-review-greater-dublin-region