FAI encourages clubs to sign up for Sports Energy Support Scheme


FAI encourages clubs to sign up for Sports Energy Support Scheme

The Football Association of Ireland has informed clubs that the Sport Ireland ‘Sports Energy Support Scheme’ (SESS) is now open for applications.
30th Jan 2023

Clubs from across the Republic of Ireland can avail of a share of €1.2millon in funding that has been made available to help clubs cover rising energy costs.

The funding could be vital to support clubs and the FAI is urging them to apply for their share of the SESS grant.

The FAI will lead distribution of the process of these grants and applicants have until 6pm Monday, February 20 to apply for funding.

The SESS criteria for clubs to follow is as follows:

  • The Eligibility period will relate to increased energy costs (proven via utility bill) sustained between September 1st 2022 and March 31st 2023.
  •  Energy costs associated with non-sporting activity such as bars, restaurants etc. are not eligible under SESS; however, such trading activity may be eligible for support under the Government’s Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS).
  • Non Energy related increases are ineligible. These include increased costs in accommodation, rent, rates or labour costs.
  •  Fuel costs associated with machinery, vehicles, travel or transport do not qualify. Pre-existing debts or deficits do not qualify.
  • Organisations applying for support must own or lease the sporting facilities and be the primary utility bill payer.

Points to consider for clubs:- 

- Please only include actual figures/bills in your application submission. Estimated figures are not accepted. 
- For those that are waiting to apply or are worried about not having their February or March 2023 bills ready before the application deadline – please do not worry and apply without those bills.

The application for the SESS can be found here or e-mail GrantFundingSchemes@fai.ie.