FAI confirms privilege sought over two documents


FAI confirms privilege sought over two documents

The Football Association of Ireland is to claim privilege over two documents which form part of a statutory production made by the FAI to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.
22nd Oct 2019

The ODCE has made a High Court application in relation to privilege on two of 10,048 documents presented to the ODCE by the FAI last week as per statutory requirements.

The request for privilege on these two documents was made on the back of external legal advice to the FAI. To date, the FAI has produced tens of thousands of documents to the ODCE, including 40,000 in a production three weeks ago.

Privilege was not sought over any of those 40,000 documents. A previous privilege request regarding 14 passages, contained in a total of 16 documents, was upheld by the High Court earlier this year.

To date, the FAI has sought privilege on 16 documents in total from the tens of thousands submitted to the ODCE.

The FAI continues to co-operate fully with the ongoing ODCE investigation.