FAI commended for UEFA GROW application


FAI commended for UEFA GROW application

There was a fantastic reaction by all 54 UEFA nations to the presentation on 'Festival of Football' as part of the UEFA GROW Awards, where the Football Association of Ireland made the final three in the 'Image' category.
3rd Nov 2018

Led by Ger McDermott (Club and League Development Manager), Eamon Breen (Finance Director), and Mark Russell (Commerical Director), the FAI delegation showcased the concept of the Festival of Football to the members present at the awards ceremony in Riga, Latvia.

Pitted against the English FA and the Norweigan FA in the shortlist for the 'Image' category, which is all about improving the image of football in society and amongst the general public, the FAI focused on explaining how the 10-day visit to County Cork in August 2018 connected with the grassroots audience and altered the perception of how a National Association should interact with its football family.

UEFA reserved special praise for the FAI presentation and many other National Associations enquired as to how they could implement something similar in their own countries.

Promoting and developing football across Europe is a key concern for UEFA and its 55 national associations. This is the function of UEFA GROW, a programme launched in 2015 with the aim of systematically and strategically 'growing' European football by inspiring and collaborating with national associations in order to ensure they can maximise their full potential on and off the pitch.

"UEFA GROW is our central business development support programme nurturing football across Europe," said UEFA's national associations director Zoran Lakovič.

"UEFA GROW offers tailor-made consultancy services to our national associations in the areas that are most relevant for football organisations, from improving football's image to increasing revenue opportunities and getting more people to play our beautiful game."

2018 Winners

Winner: English Football Association (FA) – Three Lions World Cup Campaign
Creativity and Innovation award: Latvian Football Federation (LFF) – New brand identity for Latvian football and Latvian national team 
Special mentions by jury: Israel Football Association (IFA) – Shield of honour; Romanian Football Federation (FRF) – Youth Council

Winner: Football Federation of Belarus (BFF) – Dad, Mom, Me – football family!
Creativity and Innovation award: Danish Football Association (DBU) – The world's most exciting, engaging and effective digital grassroots universe
Special mentions by jury: Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) – Play away, play everywhere; Football Association of Wales (FAW) – Play More Football

Winner: Croatian Football Federation (HNS) – Digital and PR strategy: Family
Creativity and Innovation award: Italian Football Federation (FIGC) – First Hackathon on Italian Football
Special mentions by jury: Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) – Why Not? digital campaign; Turkish Football Federation (TFF) – National Team Kids Club

Winner: French Football Federation (FFF) – Sponsorship business strategy
Creativity and Innovation award: Slovak Football Association (SFZ) – E-Shop as a tool to support football development
Special mention by jury: Football Association of Norway (NFF) – Norwegian Sports Medicine Centre 

Women's football marketing
Winner: Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) – UEFA Women's EURO campaign
Creativity and Innovation award: Swedish Football Association (SvFF) – #InYourName
Special mention by jury: Football Association of Moldova (FMF) – Girls Camp Festival