FAI celebrates International Women's Day


FAI celebrates International Women's Day

There was no shortage of support for International Women's Day 2019 across the Football Association of Ireland with staff, players, coaches, and administrators all doing their bit to promote women in sport.
8th Mar 2019

As part of the celebrations, the FAI are proud to pledge support to the official launch of #ShowYourStripes initiative under the 20x20 campaign.  

The Association gave their initial commitment of support to the campaign in 2018 and have since signed up to the '20x20 Charter' with the Federation of Irish Sport covering all three core objectives.

As part of the #ShowYourStripes initiative, a challenge was set for people to make a pledge in how they will positively impact women in sport. Well, the FAI committed to three...

✅ Continued recognition of our heroes
✅ More opportunities to make a difference
✅ Increased promotion at all levels

On the continued recognition of our heroes, the FAI proudly unveiled two tribute alcoves beside the main reception in FAI HQ to honour former Republic of Ireland women's internationals Emma Byrne and Olivia O'Toole.

They are the first women to be celebrated with their own showcase stands to recognise their fantastic careers that saw Byrne finish up as Ireland Women's record caps holder and O'Toole as Ireland Women's record goalscorer.

Creating more opportunities for women to make a difference in Irish football has been an on-going feature in the FAI within recent times following the promotions of Rea Walshe (Chief Operating Officer) and Karen Campion (Director of Business Partnerships), as well as the appointment of two Football Development Officers for Women's Football in Dublin.

However, the creation of a soon-to-be-unveiled Female Leadership Programme, which is aimed at volunteers around the country to help develop and enhance their skill-set and empowering them to take the lead in roles in football, will open up new roles for many others.

The FAI continues to push promotion of the sport at all levels, but the recruitment of Martina Genockey as a Communications Executive for Women's Football will help to propel coverage and ensure that more good work gets highlighted.

These are exciting times for women in sport and the FAI are fully supportive of the 20x20 campaign, which is being incorporated into everyday practice across playing, coaching, mentoring, promotion, and administration.