CP Football Development Academy Claim Club Mark

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CP Football Development Academy Claim Club Mark

The Cerebral Palsy Football Academy has been awarded the FAI Club Mark.
11th Jan 2022

Established as a Club in 2016, the Cerebral Palsy Football Academy is the only cerebral palsy specific football club in the country. The club provides opportunities for children and young adults with CP to get involved in football. For many players, the CP Football Academy provides them with their only opportunity to play organised and competitive football. The Club is based in the AUL Complex in Clonshaugh, Dublin.

The Club currently has approximately 70 players from age 7 upwards. Its membership has been consistently rising over the last number of years and it is hoped that this growth will continue in the years ahead.

As a disability football club, the CP Football Academy does not have the same access to league football as other clubs and relies on friendly matches and tournaments to provide competitive football for their players. A strong network of contacts within mainstream football has been built up which allows the club, each season, to create a schedule of fixtures for the various teams within the club.

The CP Football Academy is very focused on its role in supporting players to achieve their full potential, which for some players will see them progressing to elite level and playing football on an international stage. To support and facilitate the ongoing development of its players, when possible, the club participates in international junior and senior development tournaments.

The growth and success of the Club over the last number of years has been led by a team of hard-working and dedication coaches and committee members. None of the progress which the club has made since 2016 would have been possible without the work undertaken by those volunteers and the Club wishes to thank them for their enormous contribution.   

The Club would also like to acknowledge the fantastic support it has received from the AUL Complex. The facilities available in the AUL have allowed the club to get more players involved in the Club and have afforded it the opportunity to host international tournaments in a first-class venue. 

For more information on the CP Football Development Academy, email us at enquiries@cpfootballacademy.com.

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