Coach Ed share knowledge through UEFA Programme


Coach Ed share knowledge through UEFA Programme

The Football Association of Ireland have welcomed representatives from eight other countries as part of the UEFA Share Programme to exchange best practice tips on Coach Education with a focus on the Women’s Football Elite Player Pathway. 
27th Apr 2022

This is the second of three visits to Dublin from other National Associations, where the FAI Coach Education Department is following up on last November's workshop on Football Fitness with an overview on Women's Football.

Republic of Ireland Women's Under-17 Head Coach James Scott, Ireland WU16s Head Coach Tom Elmes, FAI Development Officer Clare Conlon and Programme Coordinator for Women's Football Pearl Slattery have led the discussions and theory sessions.

FAI Head of Coach Education Niall O'Regan said: "The UEFA Share Programme is an amazing opportunity for countries to visit other National Associations and work together sharing their knowledge and experience in a specific topic.

"This week we welcome delegates from seven countries - Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Iceland, Malta, Poland, Sweden - and a UEFA expert from another country – Finland - so all together including ourselves there will be nine countries working together sharing on the topic of Women’s Football – Elite Player Pathways. Each country will present an interactive session sharing their current approach to women’s player development.

"Within the FAI, we will share our current approach to player development and also the importance of education, training, dual careers, funding from UEFA, FIFA and the FAI and will see James Scott, Tom Elmes, Clare Conlon and Pearl Slattery presenting theoretically and practically on the FAI Approach.

"It is great to be chosen to host this event, as part of three overall events we are hosting for UEFA. The first was in November 2021 on our approach to Football Fitness in coach education. This is the second and the third, on our approach to Grassroots Coach Education, will be held in June 2022."

UEFA Technical Instructor Jarmo Matikainen said: ”The UEFA Share seminar is a forum where specialists from different countries exchange experiences and best practices. It is an opportunity to connect people representing various fields of football knowledge.

"The Football Association of Ireland has hosted an excellent Elite Youth pathway workshop. Here in Dublin, professionals from eight countries have contributed on the true spirit of Share concept. It has been a privilege and pleasure to participate and work with the FAI team."

Visit 1: November 2022
Hungary, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria. 

UEFA Experts: England, Poland 

Visit 2: April 2022
Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Iceland, Malta, Poland and Sweden. 

UEFA Expert: Finland 

Visit 3: June 2022
Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Spain

UEFA Experts TBC