Attention All Coaches | Garda Vetting


Attention All Coaches | Garda Vetting

Under the safe recruitment practices for the Child First Act 2015 and under the National Vetting Act (Children and Vulnerable Persons) 2012 to 2016, it is a statutory requirement, that all individuals, volunteers or paid, working with Children and Vulnerable Persons have completed Garda vetting clearance before engaging with an Organisation or services.
10th Aug 2020

Garda Vetting is a FAI Rule for all those working with children and or vulnerable persons (in a paid or voluntary capacity). Please see FAI Rulebook Part B Rule 36 and the FAI Child Welfare & Safeguarding Policy section 10 for more information on Garda Vetting, Section 11 Safe recruitment practises and section 2 for other very important statutory obligations such as the Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment.

Remember, if you are not Garda vetted through the FAI, you should not undertake any work in a paid or voluntary capacity with children or vulnerable persons in football. Garda vetting applications can be made both online and via post. Please see links below:

NVB 1 Garda Vetting Invitation 2020.pdf 

Garda Vetting ID Validation Form 2020.pdf

FAI Child Welfare and Safeguarding Policy

Another part of the Safe recruitment is relevant training needed, full details can be found in section 11.4 of the Child Welfare and Safeguarding policy. 

The FAI are pleased to announce that the Safeguarding 1 face to face workshops are now available online via zoom in conjunctions with Sport Ireland. Over 60 coaches have recently completed the Safeguarding one workshop through the online Safeguarding 1 course, two more upcoming online courses have already become fully booked.

We hope to have more online courses available to register here in the coming weeks. The Safeguarding 2 and 3 workshops will also be available in the new future.

For more details on this please contact