14 coaches complete UEFA Pro Licence course


14 coaches complete UEFA Pro Licence course

The Football Association of Ireland is pleased to confirm that 14 coaches have passed the UEFA Pro Licence course to bring the total number of graduates up to 77 since 2009.
15th Jul 2018

The successful graduates include: Adrian Carberry, Alan Reynolds, Colin O'Neill, Frank Kelleher, Gary Cronin, Gerard Dunne, Gerard Nash, Graham O'Hanlon, Greg Yelverton, Jim Crawford, Paul Osam, Stephen Bradley, Stephen Henderson and Tommy Barrett (pictured above).

Previous graduates have garnered extension experience by going on to coach in UEFA European Championships, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, Scottish Premiership, UEFA Women's Champions League, and many more top level competitions around the world.

FAI High Performance Director Ruud Dokter works on the UEFA Coach Education panel and knows just how beneficial this achievement will be for the coaches, but also for Irish football in general as they continue to make a difference at various levels.

"It is fantastic to see so many talented coaches progress through the FAI Coach Education Pathway with these 14 UEFA Pro Licence graduates joining the 18 coaches who recently completed the UEFA Elite Youth A Licence at the top of their game," said Dokter.

"The more highly-skilled coaches that we have in the country the better it will be for the development of Irish football as a whole because they will be able to have an influence on young players and shape the next generation of future stars.

"A lot of credit should go to the 14 coaches who completed this UEFA Pro Licence course because it requires a tremendous amount of commitment, concentration, and expertise. But now they can count themselves as qualified as the very best coaches in Europe as they move onto the next stage of their coaching careers."

FAI Coach Education Manager Niall O'Regan knows just what the 14 coaches went through in such a detailed process and acknowledged the hard graft that they each put in.

"The group have worked together to complete this journey, since December 2016 to the final evaluation interviews in June 2018 it has been a phenomenal experience," said O'Regan.

"To see the development and growth of each of the coaches in their own individual way has been a credit to them and to each of their mentor tutors. The program challenged the coaches in all aspects of game and I look forward to working with the coaches again in the future and to see their continued growth and successes in the future."

The 14 graduates will be given their certificates at a special presentations during the FAI Festival of Football in County Cork in August.

FAI UEFA Pro Licence Graduates

Paul Ashworth, Packie Bonner, Joe Boyle, Paul Clement, Tony Cousins, Pat Dolan, Paul Doolin, John Gill, Don Givens, Brian Kerr, Mike Kerley, Noel King, Pete Mahon, Tony Mannion, Alan Mathews, John McDonnell, Noel O'Reilly, Pat Fenlon

Bobby Browne, Michael Browne, Liam Buckley, Paul Cook, Kenny Cunningham, John Devine, Tommy Dunne, Curtis Fleming, Eddie Gormley, Steve Harrison, Jeff Kenna, Harry McCue, Brendan Place, Damien Richardson, Martin Russell

John Brennan, Gerry Carr, Mick Cooke, Trevor Croly, Declan Devine, Adrian Fitzpatrick, John Glynn, Shane Keegan, Harry Kenny, Keith Long, Dave Mackey, Paul O'Brien, Tom O'Connor, Pat Scully

Stuart Ashton, John Caulfield, Dave Connell, Jason Donohue, Eileen Gleeson, Tommy Griffin, Niall Harrison, Owen Heary, Ollie Horgan, Robbie Horgan, Peter Hutton, Tom Mohan, Mick Neville, Colin O'Brien, Don O'Riordan, Sue Ronan, Leo Tierney

Adrian Carberry, Alan Reynolds, Colin O'Neill, Frank Kelleher, Gary Cronin, Gerard Dunne, Gerard Nash, Graham O'Hanlon, Greg Yelverton, Jim Crawford, Paul Osam, Stephen Bradley, Stephen Henderson, Tommy Barrett