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As from 1st April 2015 the existing licensing system for Players' Agents will cease, and FIFA's new regulations in relation to Intermediaries will apply.

The Football Association of Ireland have introduced Regulations for Working with Intermediaries in compliance with FIFA's regulations. These regulations are aimed at Intermediaries, Players and Clubs operating within the jurisdiction of the FAI. It is advised that independent legal advice is sought by any applicant wishing to register as an Intermediary.

Some of the main principles of the regulations are as follows:

  • Registration as an Intermediary is required in order to conduct "Intermediary Activity" as defined in the regulations
  • The registration duration will be from the date of approval of registration until the next 31st March, after which registration will need to be renewed in order to continue to conduct intermediary activity (All registrations will cease annually on 31st March)
  • An annual registration fee of €350 will apply
  • Intermediaries will be required to lodge with the FAI all representation contracts they are involved in (existing FIFA Authorised Agents are advised to seek independent legal advice in relation to the impact of the new regulations on any existing contracts that they are party to)
  • Intermediaries will be required to lodge with the FAI all transactions they are involved in

All FAI registered Intermediaries will be permitted to work with U18s if they wish. The written test which was in place for Players' Agents will no longer exist.

In order to become a registered Intermediary with the Football Association of Ireland, the following should be submitted to the Association;

  1. A completed Intermediary Registration Form - See Registration Application Form below
  2. Registration fee as applicable (postal order, bank draft or bank transfer) 
  3. A signed Intermediary Declaration (for Natural or Legal persons) - See Declaration Forms below
  4. Proof of Garda Vetting Clearance from the FAI - GARDA VETTING LINK
  5. A valid certificate of completion of an approved course for the protection of children in sport or other proof of completion of such - BOOK HERE
  6. A Tax Clearance Certificate - Available from Revenue
  7. Proof of valid Professional Indemnity Insurance
  8. Two current character references (Personal references are not accepted. Employment, Professional, Academic or Legal (e.g. Garda) references only) - See Reference Check Form below

To register as an Intermediary with the Football Association of Ireland, a scanned copy of items 1-8 above (excluding number 2) can be sent by email to